Reassembling Past Futures Image 1

Reassembling Past Futures

Exhibition catalogue, Austrian Cultural Forum London, 2014
Future Perfect Image 1Future Perfect Image 2Future Perfect Image 3

Future Perfect

Public art programme for Bristol, identity and web design, 2014
Siobhan Davies Dance Image 3

Siobhan Davies Dance

Table of Contents, publication design, 2014
Siobhan Davies Dance Image 4

Siobhan Davies Dance

Web, identity and print design 2013
The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 1The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 2The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 3The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 4The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 5The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 6The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 7The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 8

The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker

Exhibition concept and design, Royal Festival Hall, 2013
Siobhan Davies Dance Image 6

Siobhan Davies Dance

Identity, newsletter design, 2013
The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker Image 7

The Strength & Vulnerability Bunker

Visual concept and exhibition design, Royal Festival Hall, 2013
Textile Environment Design Image 8

Textile Environment Design

Chinese edition, mission statement cards, Chelsea College of Art & Design, 2013
Lambeth Treasures  Image 1Lambeth Treasures  Image 2Lambeth Treasures  Image 3Lambeth Treasures  Image 4Lambeth Treasures  Image 5Lambeth Treasures  Image 6Lambeth Treasures  Image 7Lambeth Treasures  Image 8

Lambeth Treasures

Festival of Neighbourhood, Southbank Centre. Exhibition design, graphics, and audio-visual production, 2013
Cricklewood bag Image 10

Cricklewood bag

Identity design, Borough of Brent, Barnet and Camden
38 Hoe Street Image 138 Hoe Street Image 2

38 Hoe Street

Project space, shop facade design. Hoe Street shop front regeneration project, 2013
Marion Trestler Image 12

Marion Trestler

Destination UK, book design, 2013
Somali community Streatham Image 1Somali community Streatham Image 3Somali community Streatham Image 4Somali community Streatham Image 5

Somali community Streatham

Lambeth Council, Gleneagle Road, London, Shop front improvements, 2013
Arnolfini Image 1Arnolfini Image 2Arnolfini Image 3Arnolfini Image 4Arnolfini Image 5


Identity and web design, 2013
Another Austria Image 15

Another Austria

Identity, web and print design, 2013
Arnolfini Image 16


Event calendar, Dec – Feb 2012 (cover image by Synth Media), Mar – May 2013
Cricklewood Image 17


Identity design, Borough of Brent, Barnet and Camden
Bristol City Council Image 1Bristol City Council Image 2Bristol City Council Image 3

Bristol City Council

Seeds of Change: A Floating Ballast Seed Garden, signage design, 2012
Bookworks / Situations Image 19

Bookworks / Situations

The Master Plan, book design, 2012

The Master Plan by Stephen Hodge acts as a complementary project to the public art programme – Wonders of Weston – commissioned by Situations and Field Art Projects for the English seaside town of Weston-super-Mare, as part of a national regeneration programme.

Watershed Bristol Image 20

Watershed Bristol

Identity design, 2012
The Wrong Shop Image 21

The Wrong Shop

Invite for twentytwentyone, The London Design Festival, September 2012
Public Access Image 1Public Access Image 2Public Access Image 3Public Access Image 4Public Access Image 5

Public Access

Identity and web design, June 2012

Public Access was London's first 'Speed Show'. Curated by a group of MA students from the Curating Contemporary Art programme at the Royal College of Art, the exhibition presented internet-based works by a group of American artists for one night only.

The Wrong Shop  Image 23

The Wrong Shop

The Weekender, magazine advert design, 2012
Spike Island, Bristol Image 1Spike Island, Bristol Image 2Spike Island, Bristol Image 3Spike Island, Bristol Image 4Spike Island, Bristol Image 5Spike Island, Bristol Image 6

Spike Island, Bristol

Website design and development, January 2012

Spike Island is an international centre for the development of contemporary art and design. A vibrant hub for production, presentation and debate, it invites audiences to engage directly with creative practices through participation and discussion. In autumn 2011 we were commissioned to develop Spike Island's new website, which launched early in 2012. The project, which is delivered in phases, includes a sophisticated event management system, a online shop and intranet for the organisation.

Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 25

Austrian Cultural Forum London

Occasions 13, publication design, 2012

Occasions is a series of publications on themes related to Austria in the wider European historical and cultural context, based on contributions by scholars and artists from both the United Kingdom and Austria.

The Wrong Shop Image 1The Wrong Shop Image 2The Wrong Shop Image 3The Wrong Shop Image 4

The Wrong Shop

Identity and website development for The Wrong Shop, 2011 to 2013

The Wrong Shop is an innovative new platform started by designer Sebastian Wrong that allows the world’s leading designers to explore their creativity with experimental pieces that require unorthodox methods of production.

Situations Image 1Situations Image 2Situations Image 3Situations Image 4Situations Image 5Situations Image 6Situations Image 7Situations Image 8Situations Image 9Situations Image 10


Wonders of Weston, visual identity, print and website design, 2010

Wonders of Weston is a programme of public artworks in Weston-super-Mare, part of the national Sea Change initiative, which seeks to support the revitalisation of British seaside towns. It is produced by Situations, a public art commissioning and research programme at the University of the West of England, Bristol, in association with Field Art Projects, an arts consultancy operating in the public realm. Polimekanos developed the identity for Wonders of Weston, its website, print, marketing and advertising material and on-site signage. We worked with Wrights & Sites on one of the commissions – Everything you need to build a town is here – creating designs for the cast iron signs now in multiple locations across Weston-super-Mare.

Established & Sons Image 1Established & Sons Image 3Established & Sons Image 4Established & Sons Image 5Established & Sons Image 6Established & Sons Image 7Established & Sons Image 8Established & Sons Image 9Established & Sons Image 10Established & Sons Image 11Established & Sons Image 12

Established & Sons

Font clock, typeface design, 2007

Established & Sons is a uniquely positioned British design company focused on producing and representing all that is innovative in contemporay design. Working with some of the world leading designers, architects and artists, Established & Sons since its launch in April 2005 has become highly revered and respected internationally. The Font Clock, an original idea by E&S co-founder Sebastian Wrong, is one of the company's best selling products and features a series of typefaces adapted, created and chosen for the clock by Polimekanos.

Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 29

Austrian Cultural Forum London

Newsletter, 2005–2010

The Austrian Cultural Forum (ACF) London promotes cultural contacts between the UK and Austria by organising events and supporting artists and projects in London as well as throughout the UK in the fields of music, performing arts, literature, film, visual arts and through academic symposia, public lectures and discussions. Polimekanos designs most of the ACF's invitations and its event programme, identity and literature. We have created exhibitions for the forum, the signage in the building and recently relaunched its website.

Caruso St John Architects Image 1Caruso St John Architects Image 2Caruso St John Architects Image 3Caruso St John Architects Image 4

Caruso St John Architects

Website design and programming, 2009

Caruso St John is one of the UK's most creative architectural practices with a growing international reputation in designing contemporary projects in the public realm. The practice came to public attention with the New Art Gallery in Walsall, a commission won in an international competition in 1995. From these origins in the visual arts, where a sensitivity to experience and context is required, the practice has extended its expertise and now works on a broad range of projects in the public and private realms. Current clients include Tate Britain, the V&A, English Heritage and the Arts Council of England, as well as european housing developers Trudo, the SBB (Swiss National Railways) and the Gagosian Gallery. In 2008 and 2009, Polimekanos developed and designed a new website for the practice.

Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 1Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 2Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 3Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 4Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 5Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 6Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 7Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 8Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 9Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 10Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 11Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 12Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 13Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 14Austrian Cultural Forum London Image 15

Austrian Cultural Forum London

Invitation cards, 2005–2011

The Austrian Cultural Forum (ACF) London promotes cultural contacts between the UK and Austria by organising events and supporting artists and projects in London as well as throughout the UK in the fields of music, performing arts, literature, film, visual arts and through academic symposia, public lectures and discussions. Polimekanos designs most of the ACF's invitations and its event programme, identity and literature. We have created exhibitions for the forum, the signage in the building and recently relaunched its website.

OPM Partnership Image 32

OPM Partnership

Identity design, 2008

Polimekanos created the identity, stationery and website design for OPM Partnership – a bespoke party and event specialist, 'providing an elegant, imaginative and creative service that will prove indispensable to both corporate and private clients'.

Hyphen Press Image 33

Hyphen Press

Morton Feldman Says, concept and book design, 2006

The first of the Hyphen New Series, this is a book of thinking aloud – about music, about art, about making work, about life. Feldman was a wonderful speaker, and much of the qualities of his conversation are captured in this book, both in its text and in its photographs. This book was initiated and designed by Polimekanos, edited by Chris Villars and is published by Hyphen Press.

Magma Image 34


Website design and programming, 2007

Magma opened its first bookshop in Covent Garden in early 2000. Today, it is one of the UK's biggest retailers specialising in books on graphic and product design, typography, advertising, fashion, art and architecture, with stores in London and Manchester. Our design for Magma's first website in 2000 was one of our first major projects. We have since worked with Magma on a number of small projects, and redesigned its website – one of the biggest online resources in this sector of publishing – in 2005.

Ignite! Image 35


Identity design, 2007

Ignite! was set up in October 2006 to promote creativity in learning. Ignite! works with young people to reveal and develop their capacity for creativity and creative thinking.

Laban Dance Centre Image 36

Laban Dance Centre

Exhibition design, 2004

In 2006 the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Laban Centre hosted a number of events and an exhibition on the roots of modern dance in the Austrian expressionist movement in the early 20th century. We developed the identity and programme literature for the event and designed an exhibition display for the Laban Centre's foyer space. View more images in Exhibition Design

Drove Image 37


Spun Lamp, identity and poster design, 2002
Richard Hollis Image 38

Richard Hollis

Website design and programming, 2007

Richard Hollis (born 1934) is one of the most influential figures in British graphic design. Hollis has worked as a printer, a magazine editor, a print-production manager, a book writer, a teacher and a graphic designer.

Zoo Art Enterprises Image 1Zoo Art Enterprises Image 2Zoo Art Enterprises Image 3Zoo Art Enterprises Image 4Zoo Art Enterprises Image 5Zoo Art Enterprises Image 6Zoo Art Enterprises Image 7Zoo Art Enterprises Image 8

Zoo Art Enterprises

Visual identity, publications, signage and website, 2009

Formally named as Zoo Art Fair, Zoo Art Enterprises is a non-profit organisation, which held an annual art fair from 2004 to 2009. Polimekanos developed the identity for Zoo Art Fair and Zoo Art Enterprises, its website, print, marketing and advertising material and on-site signage.